Height: 5’6”     -     Hair: Red   -     Eyes: Blue


Mr. Robot (Kill Process)  -  Co-star, USA  -  Director: Sam Esmail

The Americans (The Clock)  -  Co-star, FX  -  Director: Adam Arkin

Royal Pains (I Did Not See That Coming)  -  Voice Talent, USA  -  The Soundtrack Group

The Following (The End is Near)  -  Co-star, FOX-  Director: Joshua Butler


The Tempest - Ariel - The No Name Collective

Twelfth Night - Maria - The No Name Collective

Mary Stuart - Elizabeth - Pigeonholed Theater

Macbeth - Lady Macduff - The No Name Collective

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Hermia - Classical Theater Collective

WASTED by Conor Guzman - Charlie Young - Manhattan Repertory Theater

As You Like It (abridged)  -  Celia-  Exploded Shakespeare

Hamlet-  Hamlet-  RADA, Director Hugh Fraser

As You Like It (adaptation)  -  Celia-  RADA, Director Tim Hardy

Coriolanus (adaptation)  -  Virgilia-  RADA, Director Tanya Moodie

Our Country’s Good -  Mary Brenham -  New York University, Director Vicki Hart

As You Like It -  Celia -  SETC Play Festival


Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial - New York, Network - Picture Film

The Solemates -  New York, Internet -  ELO Films

The Psychiatrist's Couch -  New York, Internet -

Project Rarity -  New York, Internet -  Goodstory Films

Humane Society PSA -  New York, Internet   -  Director: Alex Berg

The Fire This Time -  New York, Promotional -  Director: Syrie Moskowitz

Nike Paradox -  Los Angeles, Internet -  Fall 2011

Burlington Coat Factory -  New York, National -  Spring 2010


Mutiny - supporting - Director: Alanah Rafferty

Her Name Is Leah (Short)  -  Lead: Leah-  Director: The Tao Brothers

** Quietus (Short)  -  Lead: Brianne-  Director: Simone Kisiel      

Eating Shakespeare-  Supporting: Desdemona-  Director: Denny Lawrence

Getting Her Back (Short)  -  Lead: Paige-  Director: William Ward

Of Darkness (Short)   -  Lead: Sofie-  Director: Daniel Citron


Stuck On A-  Supporting: Lauren-  Director: David Johnson


Scene study and Monologues-  Ken Schatz (New York)

Auditioning-  Harry Mastrogeorge (Los Angeles)

Private Coaching-  Ted Sluberski (New York)

Stonestreet Screen Acting Studio - Head: Alyssa R Bennett-  New York University

Shakespeare in Performance-  Head: Geoff Bullen- Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Tisch, Meisner Extension-  Head: Victoria Hart-  New York University

Commercial Private Coaching- Killian McHugh (Los Angeles)

Television Private Coaching-  Jory Weitz (Los Angeles)

Circle In The Square-  Ken Schatz/Alan Langdon-  Circle In The Square


Conversational French. Driver’s License/Valid Passport

Accents: Cockney, Posh British, Southern, German, Irish

Singing, Drawing, Painting, Yoga, Swimming, Running

** Winner, Manhattan Film Festival, 3015